Lorac's Folly

by Verminaard

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DIM A solid and serene collection of pieces that will fill my ears for quite a long time. Wonderful!
Metal Mikey Noir
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Metal Mikey Noir A beautiful tale of treachery. I was captivated by the rich story the moment I started reading and listening. A masterpiece.
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chaucerianmyth A true work of art! Verminaard has managed to create one of the truly must-have Dungeon Synth essentials!
Caleb Bratcher
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Caleb Bratcher It took me a while to give this the attention it needs (it's hard to find the time to sit down for a 40 minute track sometimes) but I'm glad I did. I've always enjoyed fantasy ambient and this LP is really a joy to experience for any patient music enthusiasts out there. Looking forward to more from Verminaard!
Kaptain Carbon
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Kaptain Carbon Lorac’s Folly shows a continual step into the world of Dragonlance; a thematic cornerstone that is apart of the world of fantasy but still unexplored largely by musicians.
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348 AC -- the Dragonarmies of Takhisis run amok upon Ansalon, painting swaths of terror and totalitarian rule across the land. First fell Nordmaar to their wrath under the gaze of Dragon Highlord Phair Caron, and New Sea was toppled in turn by the blows of Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar. The peoples of Ansalon hold their collective breath and brace themselves to resist the encroaching tide of unholy might -- save for Lorac Caladon, Speaker of the Stars for the Silvanesti elves. Lorac wanted no part of this war, and, after welcoming emissaries from the Dragonarmies, agreed to keep his people removed from the conflict so long as the flood of darkness would not sweep through their sacred groves and cities of white spires.

Duulket Ariakas, commander of the Dragonarmies, agreed to this proposition -- and Lorac, in his foolishness, believed his twisting words.

In 349 AC, the Dragon Highlord Phair Caron broke the treaty. Takhisis' Dragonarmies stormed through Silvanesti, pillaging and burning as they put the elves' feeble resistance to the blade. Desperate to save his people, Lorac sent his kingdom into exile. All of the surviving inhabitants of Silvanesti fled to Southern Ergoth by any means they could as Lorac made one last effort to save his homeland.

In an attempt to stop the dragons that reduced his forests to ash and blackened his cities, Lorac drew forth the most powerful artifact in the treasuries of the Silvanesti -- a Dragon Orb. He laid his hand upon it, attempting to bend it to his will.

He was shattered.

Lorac, an accomplished mage in his own right, was still not powerful enough to reign in the power of the Orb. The artifact wrapped itself around Lorac's mind. He was plunged into a deep, eldritch sleep, where the spirits of his people slaughtered wailed; where the trees of his kingdom wept blood; where nightmares ruled with an iron fist -- and the Orb twisted the lands of Silvanesti to match the tortured dreams of its ruler.

Now, Lorac's surviving daughter, Alhana, has brought you here with your companions in the year of 351 AC, to pierce through the unholy gloom of Silvanesti, to make your way to the Tower of the Stars in the heart of Silvanost where Lorac sits upon his throne, to wake him from his madness. You are the last hope for the Silvanesti.

You are the last chance to undo Lorac's great folly.


This is the debut full length release of Highlord's project Verminaard. It is comprised entirely of one track, nearly 40 minutes in length.

Many long months have gone into the composition and production of this album. I hope that it takes you on a journey similar to those that the protagonists in the Dragonlance Chronicles experienced for themselves.

Physical release available on Path of Silence.


"We see a remarkable evolution from the project's first great EP 'Wardens of a Light-Starved Realm,' offering here one grand 40 minute track of beautiful dark ambient and atmospheric adventure synthesis centered in the world of the legendary Dragonlance Chronicles."
-- Lighten Up Sounds

"Lorac’s Folly is a beautiful, quiet, subtle album detailing a story that is full of sadness, terror, and pain. Even though I’ve not read any of the Dragonlance books yet, I feel like I have a better understanding of the stories and the characters within them. Give Lorac’s Folly a listen and tell me that fantasy world is not enriched."
-- Resounding Footsteps


released December 21, 2016

Verminaard is:
Highlord -- all music.

Cover artwork by Silvana Massa.

Physical release by Path of Silence.

Verminaard logo by Moonroot.



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Verminaard Ohio

Fantasy dark ambient from the farthest reaches of Krynn.

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